Big Beast Chassis Review

Go Big or Stay Home: Steve Gaspar reviews the Big Beast Chassis

“Big-game modern sporting rifles are chambered in a variety of calibers. Countless deer have been taken with .233 rounds making the small-frame AR a popular choice. Hunters looking for more power are turning to the .308 platform in increasing numbers. In response, many manufacturers offer ARs in .308 today, but prices can run high. As wih the small-frame AR, the .308 modern sporting rifle allows for customizations. Most AR owners make a modification here or theree by changing a grip or stock, and some do complete transformations. Recognizing this, WMD Guns offers the Big Beast Ultimate Chassis in .308, which is ready to go except for stock, grip, muzzle device and handguard. The Big Beast Ultimate Chassis allows the user to customize the items that are often swapped out anyway, and WMD Guns reduces the price accordingly…”

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