Beast® AR Rifles

Beast® AR Rifles

WMD Guns Beast® AR-10 and AR-15 Rifles

At WMD Guns, we’re committed to doing everything better. We use top-grade materials, exhaustively tested parts and proprietary finishes to build firearms and components that outperform anything else on the market. The Beast® line of AR rifles represents the pinnacle of that commitment.

These premium AR-10s  and AR-15s are for sale online and come with features like protective coatings, match-grade barrels and customizable color accents. You’ll find purpose-built designs with specialized furniture as well as CHASSIS® builds that come bare so you can add the stock, grip and handguard of your choice. 

WMD Guns Match-Grade AR-15s and AR-10s for Sale

You can find AR-platform rifles just about anywhere these days, but they aren’t all created equal. A WMD Guns Beast® AR will include our proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron coating on its critical surfaces, giving it a layer of protection against chemical exposure, corrosion and wear to keep it running long after lesser guns start failing to function. 

Along with being harder than chrome, a nickel boron coating on a rifle minimizes surface friction between the parts for unparalleled reliability. Plus, it solves the carbon buildup challenges that come with a direct gas impingement design — rather than needing solvents, stiff bristles and elbow grease, you can just wipe NiB-X® parts with a rag for an effortless clean. 

In addition to this high-performance surface finish, we build our Beasts with other top-end components like match-grade barrels and upgraded trigger groups. Our guns have proved themselves against exhaustive torture tests and delivered sub-MOA groups right out of the box.

Ready-Made and Customizable AR Firearms You Can Buy Online

Every shooter is unique, so we provide a range of AR-10 and AR-15 Beast® styles and configurations. Pick the nickel boron AMBI Beast® for an ambidextrous head-turner, or its battleworn brother for a rifle that looks ready for anything.

The Beast® line includes options with forged and billet receivers and choices for more traditional or aggressive styling. Some selections are purpose-built, while others come more bare and are ready for you to make one your own.

And, since WMD Guns is the arsenal of firearms plating technologies, we provide a few options you won’t find elsewhere — shop the Beast® line for custom color AR-15s and AR-10s with your choice of ceramic finish over our rugged nickel boron plating. We offer more than 20 shades you can have applied to the receivers or the small parts, charging handle and bolt carrier group. 

Buy Your Next Beast® Online Through WMD Guns

Our team streamlines buying your match-grade AR rifle online. Just follow our simple gun-buying guide in submitting your FFL information, then use our site checkout system to pay.

Explore our Beast® line below to see the best of what WMD Guns has to offer. Some selections have multiple calibers available. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to our team to see what we can do for you.  

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