Color Accents

Color Accents

WMD Guns Color Accent Kits

The AR platform has come a long way since its inception, taking on many different forms to fit everything from self-defense to hunting. The modularity of the platform allows the user to create a personalized firearm on their own from the ground up. At WMD Guns, we help shooters take that element of customization to the next level with AR-10 and AR-15 color accent kits for small parts. 

Our AR colored parts kits are the perfect way to give your firearm some extra character and show off the time and care you’ve invested in it – without submitting it to a major finishing job. With a little knowledge and some simple tools, you can install everything in the kit yourself and treat your AR to a quick, eye-catching upgrade. 

What Comes in an AR Color Accent Kit?

WMD Guns’ colorful AR parts are available in several levels so you can decide exactly how much flair you want to add to your firearm. For something more utilitarian, choose a coated charging handle you can’t miss when under pressure. If you prefer subtlety, a colorful bolt carrier group peeking through the ejection port is an excellent touch. 

Our nickel boron and ceramic colored AR small parts for upper and lower receivers take the personalization potential a bit further. These color accent kits for your gun add your hue of choice to the ejection port cover, trigger guard, forward assist, buffer retainer, castle nut, end plate, magazine lever and button, bolt catch, end plate, and the pivot and takedown pins. The result is a subtle yet sharp flash of color that makes your AR stand out, especially when combined with a colorful BCG and charging handle in our bundle package.

Small parts accent kits include pins and springs for the lower controls to provide everything you need.

AR Parts With Long-Wearing Ceramic Over Premium Nickel Boron

When you buy AR-15 accent kits from WMD Guns, you’re getting more than color – your colored receiver parts come with industry-leading coatings from the pioneer in nickel boron coating technology. We layer vivid ceramic color coats over our proprietary NiB-X® coating to give your parts a finish harder and more resilient than chrome.

When you opt for a colored BCG and other components, that NiB-X® coating means you’re getting more than an eye-catching accent. Nickel boron delivers exceptional lubricity and easy cleaning, letting you wipe off carbon buildup with ease and take pride in having a personalized AR that outperforms its peers. 

Our Options for Custom AR-15 Color Kits

Whether you’re upgrading a stock AR-15 or building out a custom beast in .308, we have accent kits to brighten up your AR-platform firearm. Colors include the following and more:

  • OD green
  • Titanium blue
  • Tiffany turquoise
  • Burnt bronze
  • Rose gold
  • Marine Corps red
  • Hunter orange

We also have options in classic nickel boron, nitromet and titanium nitride coatings.

Let Your Custom AR Speak for Itself

When you put your time and energy into building the perfect AR, it deserves a little something extra. Whether you want a hunter orange charging handle you can’t miss under pressure or a full set of rose gold AR parts to make your gun unmistakable, you’ll find it at WMD Guns.

Buy online today to customize your AR-10 or AR-15 with coated receiver parts, BCGs and charging handles that offer vivid color and unmatched performance. If you’re looking for an even higher level of personalization, reach out to WMD Guns to discuss a finishing project or build with our team. 

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