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Optimizing Operational Readiness of AR15/M4 platforms for LE Professionals. Never wrestle with your sling again!

Police officers, security personnel and military members all know the value of a rifle sling  — and the challenges it can present. The SlingStock® is a collapsible AR-15 stock with a sling inside, putting 7 feet of military-grade webbing at your fingertips for immediate deployment. The adjustable duty rifle sling and ambidextrous design make it perfect for any, and every, user, letting you maintain use of your hands without ever giving up control of your weapon.

The Need for the SlingStock®

Law enforcement officers face unique challenges every day, charging into situations where a few seconds can mean life or death. When they’re on their own, their duty rifle is their greatest asset, but it comes with certain difficulties in that they have to maintain control of it at all times. When you’re trying to operate a radio, handcuffs or other tools, it can be hard to keep your hands on that weapon and be confident that it’s secure. 

A rifle sling for your AR helps in this scenario, though it also introduces new challenges. Slings are notorious for getting caught on racks in cruisers, snagging on stray objects and costing precious seconds to set up and adjust if another user picks up the rifle. They also get in the way if a medic has to render aid to a downed officer. 

The SlingStock® changes all of that. Its patented built-in sling stays securely in the buttstock when the rifle is stowed in a rack or cruiser, preventing snags and accelerating deployment. When the user needs to go hands-free, they can pull out and adjust the sling in seconds, using either a single-point or two-point configuration for optimal comfort and control. This design was first conceptualized in the exact situation it was created for, and WMD Guns is proud to make it available to the men and women who protect our communities. 

The Advantages of an Integrated AR Sling

Police officers and others in roles that may call for armed combat stand to see tremendous gains from the SlingStock®. With minimal practice, this AR stock for LEOs lets an operator sling up in seconds and go hands-free to run equipment, operate a door or access tools without giving up control of a duty weapon. When they’re running alone and need to secure a suspect, that ability is absolutely invaluable. 

The SlingStock®’s retractable sling design also allows multiple officers to use the same weapon and always have a perfectly fitted sling on hand. Whether you’re 5’ 4” or 6’ 4”, you’ll be able to keep your rifle hugged tight to your body and within full command in anything from full SWAT gear to a t-shirt.

More than that, first responders are now more cognizant than ever that they might arrive at an active shooting scene and need to move as fast as humanly possible. The SlingStock®’s sleek profile lifts right out of a gun rack with no snags and no delays to help them get where they’re needed. 

How the Retractable Sling Works

The SlingStock® is collapsible and designed for exceptional ease of use, and it has a fully ambidextrous layout. Its adjustment lever features a prominent paddle on each side for rapid customization of your length of pull. To use the integrated sling, you simply pull the lock button forward to release the webbing, draw out the desired amount and release the button to lock it. Users can grasp the sling between two fingers or wrap it around the magazine well until ready to place it. 

If you prefer a single-point sling, it’s already set once you release the spool button. For a two-point configuration, you’ll need to use the connection system built into the base of the stock. The SlingStock® is available in Standard and Elite designs to offer different hookup options:

Users can activate the spool button at any time to adjust the sling, ensuring that it fits any operator in any level of gear. Since the QDC™ also features a quick-detach swivel, a sling setup with either model can be rapidly disengaged without cutting the strap if the user needs medical attention. 

Streamline Your Deployment With the SlingStock®

An AR-15 with a built-in sling is valuable for many users in many situations, whether you’re facing an active shooter, defending your home or just hitting the range with one too many bags. The SlingStock® keeps your rifle light, deployable and above all, versatile — always an asset, never a burden. 

The patented WMD Guns SlingStock® system is available to civilians as well as law enforcement agencies, and we’re happy to discuss bulk orders to outfit everyone in a command. Explore our operational resources here and shop the SlingStock® or SlingStock® Elite online to explore this innovative solution for keeping your AR sling at your fingertips.



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