Lower Parts Kits

WMD Guns AR Lower Parts Kits

An AR-10 or AR-15 lower parts kit (LPK) contains everything you need to complete a stripped lower for a new AR build. These kits include premium components with high-performance Nitromet or nickel boron coatings to make building your own AR more convenient than ever. 

What You Get in a WMD Guns Lower Parts Kit

Our AR-15 and AR-10 LPKs come in several different configurations to give AR builders a range of options. 

All of our kits include the following:

  • Front pivot pin (Melonite)
  • Rear takedown pin (Melonite)
  • Trigger guard assembly
  • All necessary pins, detents and springs

The following pieces will come in either a Nitromet or NiB-X® nickel boron finish depending on the LPK you choose:

  • Hammer
  • Trigger
  • Disconnector
  • Bolt catch
  • Mag catch
  • Match catch button
  • Safety selector

A lower parts kit with a Nitromet or nickel boron fire control group (FCG) affords unique advantages in terms of reliability, lubricity and resilience. Our naturally slick NiB-X® coating is ideal for creating an FCG that supports a smooth, even trigger pull and keeps friction to a minimum during the firing cycle. 

Want a little more color in your small parts? Be sure to check out our color accent kits to add some flair to your AR. 

Learn more about the benefits of our firearm coatings to see what makes them so valuable on both large and small components. 

Order an All-in-One LPK for Your Next AR Build

Every part that goes into an AR-platform firearm contributes to the accuracy and reliability of the final product. Start your AR build off right with a premium Nitromet or nickel boron lower parts kit. If you’re still early in the process, be sure to look at our stripped lowers and upper receivers and parts before you check out. 

Our team is constantly adding new products, and we’re eager to hear what our customers want. If you need more information or have any questions, feel free to reach out online

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