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Premium Coated Glock Slides, Barrels and Thread Protectors

A high-performance coated Glock slide is an excellent way to show your everyday carry or competition piece some love. WMD Guns is proud to offer Gen 3 Glock 19 slides coated with our high-performance nickel boron, titanium nitride or diamond-like carbon finishes. These slides are also Gen 4 compatible with the installation of a Gen 3 guide rod assembly. The barrels offer drop-in compatibility with both Gen 3 and 4. 

Our upgraded Glock slides require zero gunsmithing, and we provide premium matching or complementing barrels and thread protectors for a rig that takes this pistol’s famed reliability and performance to the next level. 

Why Buy Upgraded Glock Parts?

The Glock 19 has been a favorite for civilians and law enforcement personnel alike for decades. This striker-fired pistol combines proven ergonomics with an elegant, minimalist firing system to create one of the most reliable handguns on the market — and one of the most popular in firearms history. 

If you’re one of the millions of shooters carrying a Glock 19, the design’s reliability was likely a key factor in your decision to make it part of your everyday loadout. By giving it a slide and barrel finished with one of WMD Guns’ capable coatings, you make it even more capable of shrugging off the elements and resisting carbon buildup, so you’ll know it’s always ready when you need it. 

More than that, we know serious shooters want their firearms’ accuracy as consistent as its function, so our coated Glock barrels are all machined from 416 stainless steel and ready to deliver match-grade performance.

Advantages of a Coating for Your Glock 19 Slide 

WMD Guns’ Glock 19 slides and parts are available with our proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron coating in both satin and distressed looks, a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, and a titanium nitride (TiN) finish. 

These coatings have unique characteristics that can help extend the longevity and boost the performance of your Glock 19.

WMD Guns NiB-X®

We were part of the team that set the standard for nickel boron coatings on pistols and other firearms, so we know how to do it right. Our wear-resistant NiB-X® nickel finish is 40% harder than chrome and yields exceptional lubricity for flawless function.

Additionally, NiB-X® allows a firearm to continue functioning even in the face of extreme carbon buildup — and when it’s time for a cleaning, the carbon wipes right off with a rag. This coating is also virtually impervious to water damage, corrosion and chemical exposure.

Our nickel boron silver Glock slides are available with satin nickel and distressed finishes.

Diamond-Like Carbon

Seen on our glossy black Glock 19 slides and barrels, diamond-like carbon is a relatively new finish boasting incredible hardness thanks to its nanocrystalline structure. This thin carbon film protects steel from moisture, chemicals, corrosion and scratches while giving it a uniquely sleek, metallic appearance. 

Like nickel boron, diamond-like carbon is a high-lubricity finish. 

Titanium Nitride

A gold Glock barrel or slide will always turn heads, and when it comes with our TiN coating, it will keep doing so for many thousands of rounds. As a type of ceramic material, titanium nitride yields extreme hardness and resilience against heat and chemical exposure. 

Whether you prefer a glossy gold barrel peeking through a black slide’s race cuts or the subtle ruggedness of a distressed nickel boron finish all over, our slides, barrels and thread protectors for Gen 3/Gen 4 Glock 19s all unite high-performance characteristics and incredible looks.

Browse Glock 19 Slides With Race and Carry Cuts

When a tool works as well as the Glock 19, it sees many applications. Along with use for law enforcement and personal protection purposes, this pistol thrives in shooting sports. 

Our DLC, TiN and nickel boron race cut Glock slides feature aggressive cutouts at the front to lighten the firearm’s overall weight and speed cycling in competition scenarios. Between the lower weight and the high-lubricity coating, your handgun will be able to achieve a lightning-fast reset.

Self-defense is another area in which faster operation can make all the difference, so we also offer our high-performance Glock slide upgrades in a carry cut design. Rather than cutting all the way through, the lightening elements here smooth the slide front’s square edges and end in easy-grip front serrations to help you operate under duress. 

Both styles of our no-gunsmithing Glock slides arrive ready for optic installation and fully prepared to slide right onto your frame. Additionally, our threaded match-grade barrels ship with clean, precise threads to accept one of our complementing coated thread protectors or your muzzle device of choice. 

Our Glock Slide and Barrel Dealer Bundles

At WMD Guns, we believe every lawful gun owner should be able to build out their firearm as they see fit. Our Glock 19 barrels and slides are designed for exceptional performance and longevity, with features that let your pistol thrive in any environment or application. 

Our Glock upgrade parts are available in mix-and-match singles or bundles so you can achieve the exact look you want for your third- or fourth-generation Glock 19*. Order online today to give your pistol the high-performance parts it deserves. 

If you’re a dealer looking to expand your offerings, we have you covered too. Reach out to our team at sales@dev.wmdguns.com or call (772) 324-9915 to discuss our Glock slide dealer bundle containing:

  • 4 slides
  • 4 barrels (3 threaded)
  • 3 thread protectors

*Gen 4 Glock 19s require a Gen 3 guide rod assembly to be compatible with slides from WMD Guns. We do not offer this part for sale at this time. 

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