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Beast 5.56 AR-15 Forged Rifle 16″ Black

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The WMD Guns Beast® line is based on what the AR should — and can — be. This black Beast® AR-15 in 5.56 is built on forged, anodized receivers and features internals coated in our proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron to deliver resilience and lubricity you won’t get with lesser firearms. 

Fit with a 16-inch barrel and a collapsible stock, the 16-inch black Beast® is a sleek, maneuverable AR rifle ready for a variety of applications. It sports nickel boron components ready to shrug off fouling, corrosion and the elements while continuing to reliably put rounds on target.   

This Beast® comes with a 30-round magazine from Magpul and MOA potential from day one. Learn more about its specs and how to buy this AR-15 online through WMD Guns.

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The 16-Inch Forged Beast® in Black

This 16-inch rifle member of the Beast® line is built on a set of receivers forged from rugged aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. Like our other Beast® offerings, it boasts an incomparable nickel boron coating on its key components to ensure it’s always ready to perform. 

The forged Beast® in black NiB-X® is an AR rifle that gives you all the benefits of a nickel boron bolt carrier group (BCG) and fire control group (FCG) while retaining the utilitarian black finish often associated with the platform. It includes a polished silver NiB-X® bolt carrier group and the WMD Beast® logo on the magwell for a couple of subtle visual touches that set it apart. 

The Performance Advantages of Nickel Boron on an AR-15

In its natural hue, nickel boron is an undeniably attractive coating, but its performance benefits are what really set it apart. Our proprietary NiB-X® coating is 40% harder than chrome for a finish that resists wear and won’t flake or chip even after thousands of rounds. On top of that, nickel boron is all but impervious to corrosion and chemical exposure, keeping your AR’s key parts safe from rust and other sources of damage inside and out. 

NiB-X® protection is ideal for the AR-15 platform. This coating’s lubricity resists the carbon fouling that comes with the direct gas impingement design, allowing users to wipe carbon from internal surfaces with a rag rather than having to resort to harsh solvents and a brush. 

The forged Beast® takes the classic AR build and adds a NiB-X® BCG, hammer, trigger and disconnector for a design that lets you spend less time cleaning and more time in action. 

What You Get With the 5.56 Forged Beast®

This 16-inch Beast® AR-15 rifle is perfect for those who like a sleek, classic look and demand top-level performance. On the outside, a black anodized finish over forged 7075 aluminum receivers and a free-floated 12-inch M-LOK handguard afford superior protection and utility. The upper includes M4 feed ramps for reliability.

The forged Beast®’s 16-inch barrel is match-grade chrome moly vanadium steel with a 1:8 twist, low-profile gas block and carbine-length system, maneuverable government profile and 1/2 x 28 threaded muzzle. It boasts a black nitride finish for longevity and a matching PWS FSC compensator for ease of handling and flash abatement. For furniture, we fit this 16-inch AR rifle with a Magpul collapsible stock and an MOE pistol grip.  

Inside, you’ll find our superbly reliable polished NiB-X® bolt carrier group, plus a nickel boron-coated fire control group. With a trigger, hammer and disconnector all benefiting from the smooth pull and lubricity that comes with this superior coating, you’ll experience the top end of military trigger performance.

An Affordable AR-15 That Goes Beyond

With its weight of just 7.1 pounds, premium features and made-in-America pedigree — plus the backing of our satisfaction guarantee — the forged Beast® is an excellent entry-level 5.56 AR boasting high-end components. 

Make sure you have what you need for purchasing with our gun-buying checklist and process guide, then order online through WMD Guns. If you have any questions about this or our other products, get in touch with our team.   


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