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Patented retractable sling integrated into a stock.  Uses standard QD swivel attachment to transition between single and 2-point sling configurations.


Fits:  Mil Spec buffer tubes with standard adjustment mechanism



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• Mil Spec buffer tubes with standard adjustment mechanism




• 7 ft of 1-1/4” Mil-W-4088K Type III Class 1 Black Webbing


• Single and Two-Point Sling Operation


• Breaking Strength 800 pounds


• QD swivel end connectors provide quick hook-up to std rifle furniture


• Doesn’t interfere with cheek positioning in retracted or extended position


• One-button push for adjustment, extension or retraction


• Ambidextrous center-line controls


• Comfortable, interchangeable recoil pad


Maintenance and Durability


• Strap extends and retracts in all environmental conditions


• Robust mechanical design operates in harsh environments and loads


• Easy to clean and maintain. Strap module replaceable by removing three screws.


Weight of Sling and Stock


• Just 19 ounces

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1 review for SLINGSTOCK

  1. William

    I like this sling a lot, it does what it is designed to do! My “complaints” are minimal and are probably already being addressed.
    – the actual sling material is very strong, however it is very thin and cuts into the user a little bit if not wearing think clothing or gear. In future iterations, I hope they can find a way to use material similar to a Magpul MS4 sling. It’s clear that the thinner material is used due to spacing issues inside of the sling housing in the stock. Hopefully this problem can be figured out by designers.
    – the “slit” that the sling protrudes from is located on the bottom of the stock. When using the sling, this causes a kink/crease in the sling material. Sometimes this results in a fold in the material, and when you retract the sling, the fold is retracted into the mechanism. This may result in a blockage in the retractor spool.
    I believe if the slit were to be extended upwards on both sides of the stock, this may alleviate the awkward angle that pulls on the sling.

    Overall, very happy with my slingstock!

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